Democrats Win Right to See Full Mueller Report

Win some, lose some. Today Democrats won one:
House Democrats scored a major legal victory Tuesday as a federal appeals court panel granted them permission to access grand jury secrets from Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. The 2-1 ruling from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision in favor of the House’s ability to see the deleted passages in the public version of the Mueller report.
I assume the Trumpies can ask for a hearing in front of the full DC court, but since the makeup of the court leans liberal that might not be worthwhile. Their only real option now is an appeal to the Supreme Court. If they refuse cert, that would be the end of the line.
However, I’d warn everyone not to expect a lot from this. A ruling that goes the right way would be nice from a rule-of-law standpoint, but I doubt that there’s anything super incriminating under those redactions. We would have heard about it by now if there were.

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