Democrats and Republicans Say They’ve Agreed on a Border Deal

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Apparently we have averted another government shutdown. The Washington Post has the details:
The framework would provide $1.375 billion for barriers along the border, including 55 miles of new fencing, with certain restrictions on the location, according to a congressional official familiar with the agreement….Democrats backed down from their demand on tight limits on detention beds that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement could use to detain undocumented immigrants, pulling away from a push that that led to a breakdown in talks over the weekend.
Huh. An earlier version of this story provided hard numbers: detention bed funding would go down from 49,000 beds to 40,000 beds, but there would be no other subsidiary caps. That’s now missing from the story, so maybe those exact numbers turned out to be wrong.
Anyway, now it’s up to President Trump. If his word is good, he’ll support what the committee has produced. But as usual, that’s a crap shoot. Stay tuned.