Corruption, Allegations and the Mayor’s Office – A Sit Down With Ceasar Mitchell

If you missed Monday dinner session at BQE Restaurant and Lounge, no worries. Here’s a run down of what happened when our guest moderator Dr. Rashad Richey, on-air talk show radio personality on 1380-WAOK and V-103, sits down with Atlanta City Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell to discuss his run for the mayor’s office.

Richey skipped pleasantries and got straight down to business with Mitchell. Not holding back, Richey asked tough questions about the corruption scandal at city hall and Mitchell’s allegation. Mitchell’s office has not been touched by the corruption scandal involving Chief Procurement Officer Adam Smith, which is being investigated.  Mitchell stated it was an unfortunate situation, but as a city, we must embrace that it happened and provide leadership to get past it. Doubling down on an open government and transparency is a motto Mitchell practices and preaches, or so he says.

Days before his announcement to enter the mayor’s race, Mitchell had a complaint filed against him with the Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission. He was accused of committing multiple campaign finance violations: spending campaign finance cash on Atlanta Falcons tickets, accepting speaker fees more than of state limits, failing to register his Political Action Committee and using funds to reimburse himself for unrelated expenses. In response, Mitchell stated he had not misused any campaign funds; however, he respects the process and commends them for being vigilant. Mitchell currently serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Mitchell’s love for the city of Atlanta inspired him to enter the mayoral race. A product of the city himself, Mitchell expressed how the love and caring he received from Atlanta makes him want to give back to the city through his fifteen years of service. By extending his service to the mayor’s office, Mitchell will also be continuing the expression of love.

When asked what separates him from other candidates, Mitchell believes him knowing the city gives him an the advantage. He knows what the city needs because he experiences it for himself. A prominent resident of the West End community, Mitchell is adamant about living in the proximity of where you serve. Having workers live nearby not only increases productivity but helps with the rezoning and gentrification of neighborhoods. It is ideal for the average worker to be able to afford to live where they work. Affordable housing is vital to a city.

Affordable housing is one of the social issues Mitchell discusses when bringing into focus issues that often goes ignored in the city. By understanding how all these social issues are connected, progress can be made to fix it.

“A young person not graduating high school has something to do with education. But a young person getting caught in crime has something also to do with education. And maybe, something to do with what’s going in their community or at home. Neighborhoods that are blighted has something to do with the fact there’s not an investment on the capital market in these communities. What are we going to do about that?” – Ceasar Mitchell

Mitchell willingness to collaborate and work with other leaders is another aspect that separates him from other candidates. He believes the mayor has the power to bring people together to create a city available and open for everybody. According to Mitchell, a healthy community wanting to be great and global has to embrace the idea that everyone deserves to be here.

Mitchell’s vision for Atlanta is being the best place in the world for you, your family and community. The best place to work, play, love and live. He wants to take our city from a special place to the greatest place. So far, Mitchell has raised the most money out of any other candidate. He created the Dream Up Atlanta program ten years ago, a college prep series preparing Atlanta youths. Mitchell also launched a slow down campaign last year, encouraging Atlanta drivers to lower their speed when driving.

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