Democrat Jon Ossoff isn’t quite ready to use the i-word about President Donald Trump yet. In an interview with WABE’s Denis O’Hayer that was conducted before reports of Jim Comey’s explosive memo surfaced, Ossoff tapped the brakes on calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment. “I don’t think we’re there,” he told O’Hayer. “I think that we need a full and  transparent and independent assessment of what level of interference there was by Russian intelligence services in the U.S. election. And overseers in Congress and any independent counsel or commission to do so should follow those facts wherever they lead.” In an interview later Friday, he elaborated:Read More →

Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young is set to endorse Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell’s campaign for mayor as he tries to rise above a crowded field to lead Georgia’s largest city. The campaign said the endorsement from Young, a former Atlanta mayor and civil rights icon, will be formally announced at the opening of Mitchell’s new campaign office on the city’s westside on Saturday at 10 a.m. It’s part of a broader retooling of Mitchell’s campaign that involved two key hires. Richard McDaniel, who was Southern regional director of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, is now Mitchell’s chief strategist. And Lance Orchid, a veteran of ClintonRead More →

Facing attacks targeting her record at a breast-cancer charity, Republican Karen Handel turned to a close friend battling cancer for her response. In a digital ad released Thursday, Anne Lewis said the attack ads from Democrat Jon Ossoff over her short-lived tenure at the Susan G. Komen Foundation “make me sick.” “Karen is one of the strongest advocates for women’s health I know,” said Lewis, a well-known Republican attorney and activist. “She stands up for us and she stands by us when we need her most. I know because she’s one of my best friends. Ignore the attacks, let’s elect a woman we can countRead More →

House Democrats launched a new 30-second TV spot Thursday focusing on familiar attacks against Republican Karen Handel, part of a nearly $3 million investment in Georgia’s hotly-competitive 6th District race. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s ad claims Handel has “used her political power to serve herself,” knocking her for the use of an SUV and a trip to China while she was Georgia’s secretary of state. It’s the group’s third ad since Ossoff’s first-place in the April 18 vote, and the DCCC said it was part of a “significant” six-figure ad buy. The SUV hit has come up before – including in the 2014 Senate race.Read More →

The Democratic National Committee will hire 10 new field staffers to target tens of thousands of minority voters who didn’t cast ballots in last month’s special election to represent metro Atlanta’s conservative-leaning suburbs. The DNC’s decision Thursday reflects the party’s multipronged approach to boost Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign for the 6th District. Even as he aims to appeal to moderate and independent voters to defeat Republican Karen Handel, the party is also targeting minority voters who have long been its most solid bloc of supporters. Democrats are looking for every edge they can get in the June 20 runoff to represent the district, which spansRead More →

The gaping loopholes in Georgia’s “campus carry” law has left universities scrambling to figure out how to implement the new rules. On Wednesday’s “Political Rewind,” both Republicans and Democrats predicted a sweep of lawsuits aiming to block the legislation from taking effect in July because of murky language. “It’s impossible to know where you can carry a gun and where you cannot, and if you choose to move forward with this implementation, you will be depriving people with due process,” said Democratic state Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, outlining a potential legal strategy. “That’s my theory about what’s going to happen. It’s too big a mess.”Read More →