WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats have secured the votes to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee under current rules, putting the Senate on a partisan collision course over confirming Neil Gorsuch to a lifetime appointment that could reverberate for decades. Debate over the 49-year-old appellate judge gets under way in the full Senate on Tuesday, with Republicans and Democrats bitterly divided over the next steps. While Democrats have the votes for a filibuster, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ready to lead the GOP in a unilateral change in a Senate floor procedure so significant that it has been dubbed the “nuclear option.” The tactic ifRead More →

For several days now, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice has been dragged through the mud by everyone from cable news talking heads to the President of the United States. And it’s looking like it was all much ado about nothing. According to an exclusive CNN report, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers have finally taken a look at the mysterious documents that House Intelligence chair Devin Nunes viewed under cover of night in the White House last month. What’s the bombshell information they revealed? The documents reportedly show that Rice’s actions were “normal and appropriate” and that there’s “no smoking gun” backing up President DonaldRead More →

On Sunday, a fire broke out at a two-story Queens home and killed at least five people, three of which were children. Early on Monday, the NYPD identified those killed as being two boys, ages 2 and 10, and three females, ages 16, 17 and 20. Additionally, four firefighters reportedly suffered injuries. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the fire was the deadliest for New York City in two years. According to the New York Daily News, the victims were identified Destiny Dones, 20, Melody Edwards, 17, Jada Foxworth, 16, Rawshawn Matthews, 10, and two-year-old Chayce Lipford. Distraught family still showing up here. Asking “why would godRead More →

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida state senator who used a racial slur and vulgar language in a conversation with two African-American colleagues resigned Friday, saying the incident is causing a distraction to the legislative process. Republican Sen. Frank Artiles submitted a resignation letter to Republican Senate President Joe Negron and issued a separate statement. “I clearly made comments that were hurtful, unacceptable and inappropriate. The American people and Floridians want their leaders to be accountable and responsible, and by resigning my elected office I believe I am demonstrating those qualities they desire and deserve,” Artiles said in the statement released by a publicist. NegronRead More →

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Barack Obama will speak Monday in Chicago to young community leaders and organizers at the University of Chicago, where his presidential library is planned. Obama’s first public engagement comes as President Donald Trump nears his 100-day mark in office next week. The news release announcing the event says Obama’s post-presidential goal is “to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world.” Students from schools in and around Chicago are invited to attend. Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Read More →

A former contestant on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” recently threw his hat in the ring for a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly, and it isn’t going so well. Brian McDowell lost GOP support after a video of him went viral in which he was caught hitting on a woman while slurring his words. “Let me tell you right now. You should f**k me. It would really be good,” McDowell says in the video. “Listen, you never know.” The video caused Cape May County Republicans to pull their support of his campaign. McDowell has pledged to fight on even without GOP support. — Illinois town’sRead More →