WASHINGTON —When Matt Coley left his job on Capitol Hill a few years back, he decided to return to his family’s decidedly un-Washington business of growing cotton and peanuts. He now tends to roughly 3,400 acres about 45 minutes south of Bonaire, the Middle Georgia town called home by the soon-to-be most powerful man in agriculture. That man is former Gov. Sonny Perdue, whom the Senate confirmed as the 31st secretary of agriculture on Monday.     Perdue’s ascent to the Cabinet thrills Coley. “He knows the struggles that farmers deal with on a day-to-day basis,” Coley said of Perdue. “Having that perspective in D.C.Read More →

The new number that could haunt Republicans in the June 20 runoff for the Sixth District: An estimated one in five Republicans voted for Democrat Jon Ossoff last week. That’s what Nate Cohn of The New York Times deduced after crunching a new set of numbers in the 6th District race. Past GOP primary voters outnumbered Democrats by 52-29, he wrote in The Upshot, meaning that Ossoff had to have won 15 to 20 percent of Republican-leaning voters – and about two in three voters who had never cast ballots in a partisan primary. Cohn also found that a larger portion of Democratic-leaning primary votersRead More →

There are all sorts of ways to announce that you’re running for governor. This morning, state Sen. Hunter Hill, R-Atlanta, sent out the following tweet: Now is the time to cast a bold, conservative vision for Georgia. Join us! #trueconservativeleadership #votehunterhill #gapol — Hunter Hill (@votehunterhill) April 25, 2017 Read the biographic description that Hill offers above: “Christian, Husband, Dad, Combat Veteran, Small Businessman, State Senator, Candidate for Governor.” Emphasis ours. In a release, the state senator said he’ll run on a platform of “more efficient and effective state government.” “I am dedicated to America’s founding values and principles of God-given rights, limited government, freeRead More →

At a rally in Newark, New Jersey, DNC Chairman Tom Perez went all in on Donald Trump. His comments, first picked up by The Daily Caller, favorably remarked on the protests and marches across the country since January. He said that Americans are showing that this new president doesn’t “stand for our values” and that Trump “didn’t win this election.” He also mentioned the health care bill failure and said instead of calling it Trumpcare or Ryancare, it should be called “I don’t care” because “they don’t give a sh-t about people!” Check out the speech below. — Black Democrats are starting their own groups toRead More →

Remember the name Aramis Ayala. She is a black woman and a Florida prosecutor who is taking a stand against the death penalty, and she is catching hell for it. It’s a lesson we know all too well: when high-profile black professionals in positions of power take a stand against injustice, the system will attempt to put them down and silence them. Ayala, the Orange-Osceola County State Attorney in Orlando, is the first black elected prosecutor in Florida state history. She has decided not to seek the death penalty in capital murder cases. As a result of her move to not seek the death penaltyRead More →

On the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, this is as appropriate a time as any to ask how the slain civil rights leader would react to President Donald J. Trump. There’s reason to believe Dr. King would respond to Trump the way he responded to the racists, the white supremacists, the Jim Crow segregationists and the bigoted bullies of his day. And he dealt with many of them, from small-time sheriffs and petty local officials to governors and Washington politicians. Trump is the ideological heir of the Jim Crow official who stood in front of the schoolhouse door, his supporters the descendantsRead More →