NML- District Attorney of Dekalb County Robert James discusses his work as the DA and his vision for the improvement of Dekalb County. He answers the grueling questions surrounding his job and plans with the funding given.Read More →

Atlanta Police Chief Richard J. Pennington addresses the concerns of the locals about the practice of the police salvaging proceeds from raids/ drug seizures. He emphasizes the much needed reform of law enforcement’s standards and expectations. He responds to the idea of black- on- black crime and even shares personal methods of stress alleviation. Moderated by Maynard Eaton, Executive ProducerRead More →

Dr. Joseph Lowery explains the manipulation of the independence of the Judiciary Branch, the statuses of true Black Democrats, the history of the Republican party during Dr. King’s era, and the place of transportation on the upcoming Atlanta political agenda.Read More →

Political Discussion is ignited. Blackett discusses the impact of the youth’s perseverance to pass legislation in such a partisan. Hicks talks about the beauty of the turning of the tables when it comes to youth and its changing perspectives into the partisan factor of consulting. Giboney discusses Reed’s impact on his legislative thinking and partisanship/ uprising. Ruth mentions stays adamant in switching the discussion from making sure that Atlanta is run by democrats/ run by blacks.Read More →

City Council President Caesar Mitchell discusses his relationship with the current Mayor of Atlanta, his position as a risen young gun, the opportunities Atlanta brings, and commends a fallen former prominent Atlanta voice.Read More →