Back in the day, Sovietology emphasized the study of photographs of that era’s vast military parades — which showed who in the Kremlin stood next to whom, and was thus in or out of favor. We can use the same trick when it comes to invitations for campaign fundraisers, which amount to declarations of alliances. […] via Roy Barnes goes public with support for Vincent Fort in 2017 race for mayor of Atlanta — Political Insider blogRead More →

Starting January 16 at BQE Restaurant and Lounge, Newsmakers Live starts the Spring 2017 with an up close and personal interview with each Atlanta Mayoral Candidate. Join us at 6:30pm every Monday night for politics, entertainment, and your global urbane prospective.Read More →

Mary Norwood Files Declaration of Intention for Atlanta Mayor’s Race “Today I’m taking the first step in becoming your next Mayor. I’m following the law and filing to accept contributions. Over the next several weeks, I will continue to be in communities throughout our city with Atlantans from every part of our great city. I am running for Mayor of Atlanta to give all Atlantans a responsible, transparent and accountable government that will ensure that we have a safe city, a sustainable city and a prosperous city for ALL of our citizens. With over 25 years of citywide service, I have a unique understanding ofRead More →

By Maynard Eaton It’s on and popping! The 2017 Atlanta mayor’s race is heating up, and the field of candidates is growing exponentially.  After months of speculation Councilman Kwanza Hall admitted he “is definitely” running to become the 60th mayor of Atlanta in 2017. “I’m telling you now that I am definitely going to run,” Hall told WSB – TV newsman Craig Lucie in Philadelphia during an interview at the Democratic National Convention. The potent and personable District 2 Councilman was a Georgia delegate.  He added, “I just haven’t announced it yet,” When contacted since his return home to Atlanta this week, Councilman Hall confirmed to The Maynard Report: “I’m tellingRead More →

Maynard Eaton is a Emmy Award winning journalist and serves as the National Communication Director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. CASCADE PRESS (CP), ATLANTA, GEORGIA,Maynard Eaton is a good journalist. Eaton is not a good journalist because he has been decorated with eight Emmy’s. Eaton is a good journalist simply because he has the proverbial nose for news. He can smell a good story and he is well equipped to tell that story, either in print, on television or on the radio. Educationally, Eaton is well prepared for his line of work. He earned a bachelor degree from the historic Hampton Institute – nowRead More →