A South Fulton County community is fighting back after residents said crime has escalated in the Sandtown Community. Neighborhood Watch coordinator, Delphine Knaff organized an emergency crime meeting Thursday evening. “It’s like we can’t live peacefully in our own neighborhood without someone targeting us,” said Delphine Knaff. Donald Wooten, who had his car stolen from his driveway said he wants to see officials held accountable. “Unacceptable, judges, lawyers, do your job,” said Donald Wooten. “Now there comes a time when you got to put foolishness to a side and use common sense if you know this person has done this I don’t care about whatRead More →

It was a potential suicide by cop which could have gone very bad. When Lt. Mark Hess, with the Walton County Sheriff Office, arrived at the home of Robert Bradley Monday night around 9:30 he was told to leave. “Who needs to leave? What for?” Lt. Hess said to Bradley when he arrived at the scene. The domestic violence call quickly escalated when Bradley pulled a weapon out of his SUV. On dash cam video, Lt. Hess and Bradley have a tense standoff. Hess: “Put it down, put it down!” Bradley: “Shoot me. Shoot me, shoot me!” Hess: “Put it down!” Bradley: “Shoot!” Hess: “PutRead More →

Days after Atlanta Police canvassed the Mechanicsville neighborhood in search of a serial sexual predator; authorities announced another attack by a sexual assault suspect in the same neighborhood. Atlanta Police released a sketch of the second suspect, who police said on the night of December 26, ambushed two 16-year-old sisters at the intersection of McDaniel Street and Glenn Street SW while they walked home. RELATED: Atlanta police release sketch of rape suspect Police said the man held up the two girls at gunpoint, forced them to walk to a field, then hit them both with a gun; one sister fled from the man, but theRead More →

His job was to put criminals behind bars, but an assistant district attorney got caught up in a prostitution bust. Christopher Quinn was one of 56 people arrested in a multi-agency takedown in Dunwoody. Police said two high-end escort services operated out of three locations, including an apartment across the street from the Dunwoody police station. The Gwinnett County assistant district attorney faces some serious charges. “My contact with him has always been professional. He’s smart and very respected lawyer. Outright a gentleman,” said Jackie Patterson, an attorney and former judge. Patterson said he was shocked and saddened after hearing the allegations against his colleague.Read More →

QuikTrip does business in eleven states. The company has its eyes on Atlanta, particularly South Fulton County where there have been a rash of crimes at gas stations. Motorists have seen and the company confirms it has added armed guards at several stores. If you are a customer, you may or may not see that security. Managers don’t want the exact hours the officers are on site to be predictable. RELATED: Quiktrip hires security at some stations to combat ‘sliders’ In addition, QuikTrip said it monitors all stores round the clock with technology. Spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh said they are seeing results. He thinks they haveRead More →

Three people are dead after a high-speed, multi-county chase in northeast Georgia late Wednesday evening, but investigators are still trying to figure out why the driver decided to flee. “The safest thing for anyone to do if they’re being pulled over is to stop. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth risking not only your life, but innocent people’s lives on the highway,” said Lt. Carissa McFaddin, Banks County Sheriff’s Office. Lt. McFaddin said the driver was driving erratically on Interstate 85 which is why they wanted the driver to stop, but they said the driver never slowed. Instead, the Chrysler sedan continued south. “AsRead More →