There are three announced Republican candidates in the race for governor – and three starkly different positions on transit. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who launched his campaign on Sunday, has emerged as a forceful advocate of mass transit. Saying the I-85 bridge collapse was a “wakeup call,” Cagle said he would order a 10-year transportation plan that would explore whether to funnel state funding into MARTA. “First we have to determine where the needs are and what the consumers are willing to pay, and we have to be willing to put the needed resources behind the build-out,” Cagle said in an interview. “State funding isRead More →

Republican Karen Handel’s first ad since landing a spot in a runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff highlights her decision to leave a troubled home in Maryland while still in high school. “I’ve had to be tough my whole life. I moved out when I was 17 to get away from a pretty tough and difficult family environment,” she said in the digital ad launched on Tuesday, adding that she landed three jobs to make ends’ meet. “That makes a person not only strong and tough,” she said in the ad, “but also resilient and empathetic about other folks who are going through their own challengesRead More → reports that the White House is on the verge of revisiting an executive order – tabled in February – that would exempt from anti-discrimination laws those who cite religious reasons as a motivation: President Donald Trump has invited conservative leaders to the White House on Thursday for what they expect will be the ceremonial signing of a long-awaited—and highly controversial—executive order on religious liberty, according to multiple people familiar with the situation.   Two senior administration officials confirmed the plan, though one cautioned that it hasn’t yet been finalized, and noted that lawyers are currently reviewing and fine-tuning the draft language. Thursday is theRead More →

The candidates in Georgia’s 6th District race are divided over one of the state’s biggest gun rights debates. Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel are split over the “campus carry” gun rights expansion, which is squarely in the spotlight as the National Rifle Association gathers in Atlanta for its annual convention. Ossoff said in an interview that he “absolutely” supports the Second Amendment and grew up with firearms in his household. But he said he was opposed to the measure pending on Gov. Nathan Deal’s measure. “As we prepare young people in Georgia for the high-tech economy, they should be able to sit inRead More →

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle launched his campaign for governor with a pledge to add 500,000 jobs in his first four years in office, slash $100 million in taxes in his opening months and a promise to “declare war on high school dropout rates in Georgia.” The Gainesville Republican laid out his policy platform in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ahead of a formal campaign kickoff on Sunday evening. The presumptive Republican frontrunner in the 2018 race, Cagle has prepared this campaign for almost a decade. “We are in it to win it,” he said. “And we have a clear strategy and a clear messageRead More →

Republican Casey Cagle opened his campaign for governor with a show of force designed to send a message that he’s the candidate to beat in the 2018 race. The lieutenant governor’s speech Sunday to 800 supporters at a concert-turned-rally echoed many of the same policy platforms that he rolled out in an AJC interview a few days earlier. But the tone and the style of the campaign roll-out also sent a signal about how he’ll orchestrate his bid to succeed a term-limited Nathan Deal. There were prominent speaking roles for his wife Nita and son Jared, a clear signal the campaign isn’t afraid to deployRead More →