Bob Gray declares himself a ‘drain the swamp’ Republican in Georgia’s Sixth

We’ve seen braying donkeys and harrumphing elephants in ads for Georgia’s 6th District, muck shovelers and light-saber battlers. And now we have a menacing alligator and a diesel-powered, industrial strength swamp-drainer.

Bob Gray’s 45-second ad, which will begin airing in digital spots Wednesday and on TV next week, opens with Donald Trump’s pledge to “drain the swamp” and a lurking gator. And it ends with Gray, a former Johns Creek councilmember, firing up a water pump to start clearing the sludge.

“I’m running to fuel the economy,” Gray said as he pours gas into the engine, “choke off wasteful spending and secure our nation. But most importantly, I promise to drain the swamp.”

He wades into the murky muck wearing boots and camo-colored coveralls to position the pump. Then, over the roar of the machine, he yells: “I’m Bob Gray, conservative Republican. And I approve this message.”

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It has been a Republican stronghold for decades, but that hasn’t stopped Democrats who hope Donald Trump’s election has energized their supporters. Hillary Clinton fell about one point short of winning the district, though Price was re-elected with roughly 62 percent of the vote.

And while bigger names are in the field – the presumptive frontrunner is former secretary of state Karen Handel – recent polls show Gray within striking distance of the top two slots.

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