A Message to Our Readers as 2018 Winds Down

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While others in the media “pivot to video” in a quest for advertising revenue, we decided to pivot to video to say thanks—to our readers, for having our backs during another year full of challenges for those of us who care about journalism and democracy.

Thank you for everything you do to make Mother Jones what it is.

And speaking of generosity, we figured we’d stop talking about our December fundraising drive for a moment and highlight some of the other amazing independent newsrooms the MoJo community can support.

If you’d like to find a local nonprofit newsroom close to you, or one that focuses on an issue you care about, head over to NewsMatch.org, where you can search for reader-supported organizations that are part of the Institute for Nonprofit News—or scroll through their “Best of Nonprofit News 2018” to see some of the amazing work these shops have done.

Bonus: Many of these newsrooms have a $25,000 matching gift running this month from NewsMatch. We’ve already used our share of the match (thanks to the amazing generosity of MoJo readers!), but for a lot of these smaller but fierce and focused outlets, even just a few gifts from the MoJo community can go a long way. Please check it out today, because there can never be enough independent, quality journalism.